Marketing Goes Local and Loyalty Retention Focused

Researchers Speak to the predictions

CNBC and Forrester publications talk metrics in advertising:

Forrester’s “Predictions 2021: B2C Marketing” report forecasts that marketing SMS message volume will increase by 40% next year as brands try to hold on to customers and drive purchases. This is through permission based Opt in SMS advertising and email notifications. The report’s predictions outline some of the trends that may have been spurred by the 2020 Covid pandemic. These predictions are expected to continue to affect and change many of the traditional marketing trends well into 2021. {Excerpt from CNBC}

The report highlighted, predicts businesses will spend more investment dollars on loyalty and retention marketing. They will also be building a greater customer base by rewarding existing consumers to share their messages. Getting consumers to opt in for loyalty perks as they shop at a brick and mortar directly, or highlighted by a “loyalty mobile club” on social media sites, or even by way of a website app, whatever the customer choice; these trends will and should give businesses a way to easily gather information to send personalized messages directly to the customer. The most widely used platform for these messages are through SMS permission based marketing programs.

Heading into 2021, businesses will need to continue to shift their standard marketing approaches, especially when it comes to how they “interact with customers.” The overall experience is key. To prepare for these shifts, businesses need to think about the following:

  • How have our customer preferences shifted in 2020? Social Media, Website, SMS Mobile loyalty programs, email, App’s….ask and plan.
  • How can we best meet their new shopping habits needs and wants (find out at POS what customers prefer)?
  • How can we use our customer preference data to best communicate? SMS loyalty programs, email subscriptions, newspaper or radio? What is working.

Here’s the SHIFT….the 2020 pandemic influenced and began changing customer preferences; as a business, MOVE into 2021 with a greater understanding of your Customer wants and needs!

It’s no shock that a major pandemic changed the way your customers shopped, behaved, and went about their day-to-day lives – and one of the most notable shifts seen across all industries is the move to e-commerce. In a report by eMarketer on US e-commerce trends in 2020, online spending is projected to take up 18% of all consumer spending, compared to just 14.9% in 2019. The fastest-growing categories encompass essential needs like food and beverage, health, personal care, and beauty. This same report projects a slight dip in the recent uptick for e-commerce in 2021, overall growth in the category is projected to rebound and continue upward. {}

  • A significant shift upward in loyalty and retention marketing. Consumers have already seen this in messages meant to reassure them on how brands are protecting customers and employees amid a pandemic. So, in 2021, these types of messages will continue as brands push to remain top of mind (and top of wallet) for customers, many will be more selective in their spending as economies begin recovering from the pandemic impacts.
  • A shift to local-first marketing strategies. While businesses have historically taken marketing instructions from large corporate beasts, 2021 businesses will and have more of a shift to support localized strategies and tactics. 
  • GEO-Targeting. Many urban-dwelling families have dispersed because of COVID-19 and may be slow to return. What does that mean? There is a redefining of neighborhoods and shifting some of the power. Brands will take more neighborhood-based marketing approaches and use tools like more local searches targeting smaller communities, rather than broad, based marketing. Thus building better communities.
  • A renewed focus on campaigns and rewards. Many businesses were hard hit by Covid, and as these businesses are slow to rebound, so what are these businesses looking for? They want to optimize the best returns on their investments ROI. This permission based SMS platform reduces the amount of manpower needed to analyze campaign results and determine what to do next to improve performance; The metrics are easily calculated to highlight your advertising investment. B2C marketers and business leaders will achieve better campaign performance even if they are operating with a reduced support staff. {}

BrandLogix Mobile Marketing can help you launch into the 2021 year with a SMS platform that reaches your customer base that will integrate with all your social media sites, your website, your business apps and all the other media platforms that you might be using including newspaper and radio! Building an audience is easy; giving your customers what they have asked for, sharing loyalty programs, important messages or directing them to other social platforms is easy with SMS marketing. Call for more details (918.884.5550) and visit BrandLogix Mobile website for a deeper look into pull marketing! (your customers want your message, they are pulled into your business by a text message on their phone) They have asked to receive information from your organization. IT WORKS!

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