Watonga Cheese Festival STREET Vendors

October 8th OPEN 9a-6p

October 9th OPEN 11a-5p

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Hello Vendor,

We are finally here ~ Cheese Festival Week has arrived!  Our Watonga Chamber of Commerce and city department heads have been working hard to get things put together for this event that has been going strong since 1976!  We have so many locals that donate and volunteer their time, energy and love for the community to this event!  Without their dedication and assistance we wouldn’t be able to keep this festival alive!  I for one, am so appreciative of my friends that have devoted their time towards the Cheese Festival!  THANK YOU  to our amazing vendors for giving us your weekend to make this event a success!  People from all over the state and many surrounding states attend this family fun event!

Again, here is the list of hotels and RV hookups in our area that will be available during the event:

Thurs. evening set up:  Please be cognizant of our downtown merchants closing hours and do not arrive to set up prior to 5PM Thursday evening.  We are also having our Thursday night Cheese Festival Kick Off beginning at 6PM and if your location is between Leach and Prouty Street you will not be able to set up until 7:30PM.  We will have too many small children running around at that time and cannot risk an accident.  Friday morning I will be downtown at 7AM to help you set up and direct you to your location.  I will have marked off each area with your “LETTER” so be looking for that designated spot.  We have tried very hard to accommodate each need that you have requested and you may not be exactly where you asked to be but know the city department heads and I have tried to make this as streamlined as possible. 

Upon check in, if you need to give me paperwork, payment or have a specific need, I will be available to assist you.  I will be giving you a bag full of information and upcoming community events once you arrive. 

Friday evening Lucky Star Casino will be hosting live entertainment!  You don’t miss out on that fun filled evening!   

*Reminder: if you use electricity,  please bring tape to tape down electrical cords so that we avoid any trips or falls.  Questions…….Call me!  See you later this week!


Warmest Regards,

Teresa A. France

918.884.5550 call or text

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